The Adventures of Gemma

So the other day, Zoya Nail Polish posted on facebook and twitter that it was 'Bring your Zoya Nail Polish to Work' day. I decided to participate, and document Gemma's day at the office (and the aftermath) Check it out! :)

To start off her day with me at work, Gemma decided to help out. Here Gemma is totally helping me out by doing some stapling.

She helped cut some stuff up for me too.

She DID have some issues with the tape though.

Not cool, Gemma, not cool.

She's a great little note-taker, too.

Lunch time! Gemma is totally ready to go outside in the Vegas sun!!

On the way to lunch, Gemma took over my car radio and made me listen to her favorite song. (Yeah.... NKOTB)

After lunch, Gemma wanted to try her hand at photographing some nail polish swatches!

Gemma totally forgot her facial waxing appoint this week. What's a polish to do?!

Gemma decided to go for a walk while holding hands with her 'buddy' Domo on her break.

She took it off-road when nature decided to 'call'.

Next, Gemma decided to help me out with some typing that needed to get done.

Too bad she stopped a few keystrokes in because she was hungry...

Gemma decided to show me her skincare regimen...she definitely understands that moisturizing is key.

Now she's just showing off. 'Look! no hands!'

Come on in, the water's fine!

Gemma really wanted to do some nail art on me...

Bedtime!! All the work and excitement wore Gemma out! Goodnight!!

I hope you enjoyed the 'Adventures of Gemma' as much as I did!! :)