Gone too far

Okay, I want to start out by thanking everyone for your support in the picture incident. I have spoken with the blogger, and everything has been taken care of, and will not be happening again. It is VERY frustrating to have your work taken, mistake or not. I do have something to say though. While corresponding with the blogger, I'm extremely upset to learn what was going on behind the scenes. In no way is it okay to send violent emails, or use racial slurs. This disturbs me so much, and literally made me think about whether or not I wanted to continuing with my blog. I do this for fun, and love sharing my manis with you all. I don't want this blog to be the cause of any stress. I am not angry at those of you that left comments regarding picture stealing, since it was a fact that my pictures we cropped so that my watermark was no longer visible, whether it was done by the blogger or not, it was done, and not checked on. She has apologized for this, and I hope she checks on her friends pictures from now on. I  truly love that you guys support me, but this is just crazy and has gone too far. These kinds of actions are not okay, and will not be tolerated here on my page.