Postal Rage

This post is a rant post about the post office (USPS, FEDEX, UPS) that you can skip. I've "generally" known that you weren't "allowed" to ship nail polish outside of the United States because it's "hazardous" but nonetheless, I've been doing swaps and sending nail polish overseas with no problem and honestly filling out the Customs Form with truth. But apparently for the FIRST TIME since I've started, they refused to send my package because it contained nail polish. SERIOUSLY?! My dad works at the post office and he sends my packages all the time (which contains nail polish) no problem. So I get refused by the USPS and I head over to a small store that sends packages via UPS and FEDEX. The guy told me it would cost more than the nail polishes itself to send via FEDEX, which in turn, turned out to be 93 FLIPPING DOLLARS. So I just left and called my dad and asked him to send it for me instead, I cannot deal with the post office anymore!

The only good thing that came out of it was a lady told me she wrote something else on the Customs Form and it goes through! LMAO. She told me her sister sent her alcohol and they even opened the package, YET SHE STILL GOT IT. SERIOUSLY!?

Another incident with the postal service is their LYING DELIVERY DATE! I recently ordered a pair of headphones for my brother online and they told me it would be delivered on Friday, yeah no... waited a whole day, nothing. Next day, came home to nothing. -________- STUPID UPS LIARS!!!!! It came MONDAY. There was no "snow" or weather problems either too, so WHY LIE AND TAKE SO FREAKING LONG.

Sorry, nail post will come tomorrow ~