Stylish Blog Award

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Recently, Amanda from Fiercely Fresh FingertipsCarissa from Love, Carissa and Sammy from Nailasaurus tagged me with the Stylish Blogger Award. I'm surprised I actually got this award from her and I'm happy that it's considered stylish, lol! But nonetheless, thank you so much Amanda, you made my day! :)

7 Things About Myself
  1.  I don't look like my nationality. I'm an American born Chinese fully. But a lot of people think that I'm either mixed, have some Hispanic/Southeast Asian Mix/White mixed in me or just plain Filippino. :P I do have somewhat larger eyes than normal Chinese people and definitely a larger nose bridge. I get it all the time and I like to joke around when people ask me by telling them I'm 1/4 this... 1/4 thiss.. 1/4 thiss and 1/4 this. And when they ask me, "Really?" I tell them straight, "No." and then I laugh! :D 
  2. I almost fell off a roller coaster when I was in the 4th grade because I wasn't able to fasten the belt tight enough and the ride had already begun. But somehow, I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!!
  3. I've worn glasses ever since 2nd grade but I've moved onto contacts :)
  4. I LOVE COCA COLA♥ My favorite soda other than Nestea Iced Tea, Fanta Orange Soda and Mountain Dew.
  5. I spoil and love my baby cousin Allyson. :) She has jokes and knows how to make you laugh, mind you, she's 1 year and a few months old. 
  6. I have 5 ear piercings; 3 of which I got without my parents knowing. My mom found out 2 weeks afterwards though when I accidentally had my hair behind my ears. She yelled at me for a day and later on she bought me real earrings. :) 
  7. I'm allergic to certain metals and the Sun. I can't wear certain metals and fake jewelry because I will get rashes. I also get bumps when I'm exposed to the Sun easily. :( Booo!