Winner of my Contest

The winner : 

Unforgettable Nails !

Congrats !

I really liked how she took the inspiration from the
sweater and transferred it to the nails
in a creative way ! Its neat, cute, fun
and totally fits in with the theme ! 

If you look closely -
you will see each nail is carefully inspired
by a part of the sweater.
I love it ! Very well thought out. 

{ please youtube msg me 
your address & let me know
if you would like an OPI package
or the asian one } 

I honestly found something I liked
about every single persons nail entry.
It was so hard for me to decide and it took agessss.
I wish I could send everyone a prize ! 
Its super expensive to ship from Bermuda
so unfortunately I cant send everyone 
something : ( 
But, try your luck at various youtubers contests
as they help you to get practice !

Thank you everyone who  
participated in this contest ! 
Hope you had fun
even if you didnt win !