Kelier Black Crack Polish from Born Pretty

So Jessica from, which btw, has some other amazing nail art items, sent me the Kelier Black Crackle Polish for me to review.
I will say that I had to play with it for a few minutes, to discover the best way to use this Crack polish, and here is what I learned. In order to get the effect I preferred, I needed my base coat to dry 100%. When it was, I applied a pretty thick coat of the Black Crack polish, and waited. Now unlike others I've tried, this one did take a smidge longer for the cracks to appear, but once they did, i loved it! Then I also learned that if you plan on using a top coat, WAIT. The Crack polish needs to be 100% dried. If it is not, when you apply it, it sort of fills in the cracks, and just looks like a plain old black polish.

Here was my final mani....Now I know this look isn't for everyone, but I'm a fan :P

The pic below is where I was playing in the beginning. My ring finger, 3rd finger, was the one that I let my base dry completely, and applied a thick coat of Crack polish over top, and also waited for the Crack Polish to dry 100%.

My pointer, middle & pinky, I also applied dry, but applied a VERY thin coat of Crack polish. This caused TONS of itty bitty cracks, which did look cool, but I preferred the fewer tad bigger cracks. Then you can kind of see how when I applied my top coat while the Crack polish was still semi wet, that some of the cracks vanished, and filled in. It was weird.

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