Water Marble Picture Tutorial

Okay, so since I had quit a few requests to do a tutorial on how I do my water marbling, here it is. I start with filtered water, and since ours is refrigerated, I heat it up for a about 20 sec. in the microwave, just to make it room temp. I use a throw away coffee cup that I have cut in half. Here are my basic supplies. Oh just so you all know, this is with my sad, pathetic broken middle finger. I know it looks awful, and I'm sorry, but I have decided to just let it be, and hope it grows out soon.Okay anyways, for this mani I used Sally Hansen Gray Area, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and China Glaze White on White.

I first did a base of the OPI (sorry about the poor lighting, where I do this, it's not near a direct light source)

When I start, I make sure all the lids are off. Here I just dropped in a blob of my first color, Gray Area, and you can see it spreads.

Then I dropped in a blob of White on White, right in the center of the Gray Area

and dropped in a blob of the OPI

I repeated the 3 colors again, until I was happy with how it looked.

Then using my pencil, I lightly drag the polish into designs in the cup

This is what it looked like, when I stopped, and I liked the designs I had.

I tape each finger, using 3 pieces of tape.

Then you pick which part of the design you made, you want on your nail.

and dip your nail into it, at an angle.

Once you have fully dipped your nail, I take my pencil, and with my nail still in the water, swipe it around my nail, and this picks up all the excess polish, so you don't ruin your nail, when you remove it from the water.

I then remove the tape, and do the rest the same way, re-doing the polish dipping and all. This is what I ended up with.

Then using some nail Q-tips, I clean up the excess polish from around my nail with 100% pure acetone.

Here is my mess, when I'm all done, lol

Then once all fingers are cleaned up, and my top coat has been applied, this is my final mani :)

I really hope this helps you guys :P