Cellbone - Skin Care

So, I first heard of the company Cellbone from 
who other than Queenie (Beauty QQ ) ! She is
like the queen of skin care. She has millions of face 
products by brands such as Skin Ceuticals,
Derma RX etc... I think Cellbone stuff is made 
in Hong Kong which is why she probably 
has stuff from there.

I ordered from the U.S Store and it took them
less than 24 hours to ship it out to me.
I did the ground shipping so I will see how long
it takes to get to my NY Address. I have a special 
service that allows me to pay for a mailbox in NY ... 
My packages then automatically get forwaded to 
me in Bermuda. I know...its crazy lol ! Not many
places ship to this tiny dot of a country & I 
love to shop online ! ^ ^ ;;

Anyway, I ordered this :

The website www.cellbone.com is very 
low- tech  and could do with some design work 
but I guess that would mean perhaps higher prices
for the items ? Click on Special Sale tab
to see the regular items on the side cuz the 
Products Tab doesnt work...at least not on my mac.

Skin Ceuticals has a few similar products
as Cellbone but its more expensive and is
more popular and well known.  I will see
how Cellbone works out for me !

As I said in a previous post I really want
to get rid of my scars or at least lighten them.
I learned that a combo of Glycolic Acid &
Vitamin C & E is possibly a good method
for doing so. So, I decided to splurge and get
the Glycolic C serum for $72. 
I know, crazy right ?
Well, I will let you know how it works !
There are like barely any Cellbone mentions
out there on youtube but I have seen a couple 
written reviews. I will use it for a couple 
months or until its finished and update you !

They recommended to get a moisturizing
serum to use on top. So, I got the B5+ one ($25) 
Queenie has that one. It looks super hydrating.
She calls it a 'water bomb for the skin' 
I will grab a screen shot from her vid :

Everyones order also comes with a free serum
called Moist/Seal which is awesome ! 

Btw- when you get products with a good bit
of acids in them you might not want to
use them everyday. Definitely gotta
wear a good sunscreen on top as well.
La Roche Posay ones are great and non

I also found a Promo Code on the wonderful
internet which shaved off almost 15 $ from
my order. I was so excited ! I just googled
"Cellbone Promo Code" not expecting
to find anything but alas one exists !

Its : cbpromo8 

Cellbone also has stuff to do your own
facial/body peel at home as well which is cool...

Lets see how this goes !