My "I'm ready for Paintball" Mani................Patchwork Camo

So my hubby and about 20 people spent this past weekend at our family cabin, to play paintball!! We play about 5-6 times a year. Well I wanted a mani that would hide my butt, lol. Well after a few too many tries, I finally found colors that I liked together. I did this the night before we left. You may notice in some recent manis, following this, I now have a burn going down my ring finger, %^$#@!$*&#!, well I didn't get hurt playing, but I did have to much to drink, and so did everyone else. Well, we decided that cooking hot dogs over the fire was a great idea......but it wasn't. I burned my finger on one of those pokey cooker thingys! What was my hubby's 1st response........................"How can you even stand to take pictures now?" meaning for you guys! GRRRRR

Anyways, I used Sinful Black on Black, Essie Sew Psyched & CC High Society, then topped it off with China Glaze, Matte Magic. Of course using Scotch Tape for the design :)

Here is a pic, of my hubby and I, a few trips ago. I don't have the new pics ready yet. Oh, and gun is pink! WOOP WOOP!