Debbie Does French.....hee hee

My sister rocks! So last night I get home from work to find a package from Zappos. I know I didn't order anything from there, but when I opened the box there was 2 bottles of Lippmann polishes!!! Bad Romance and Across the Universe!! There was a message that just said 'Happy New Year', but no name :( I'm assuming it's her, my sis, since she knows about my wish list on my blog, and knows my address, lol. I just couldn't wait to try them. I know they're old news to you guys, but I'm SUPER excited! Just had to share. Oh and of course, tips HAD to be added, lol, and since I haven't used my OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte in a while, I felt the need to.

ps - please ignore the annoying pup hair that managed to make a debut in my ring finger tip, lol. I'm too tired to fix it

This is 2 coats of Bad Romance and the OPI on the tips

then the final mani