Betsey Johnson inspired nail art


Betsey Johnson inspired Nail Art

So, who doesn't love Betsey Johnson ? She is soooooooooo amazing. I like her use of bright colors and exotic fabrics. I especially love her jewelry and handbags. I recently purchased a Betsey Johnson necklace for my daughter at Macy's in San Francisco. She adores it. I have been so inspired by this necklace. I thought that a Betsey Johnson inspired manicure would be really cute.

the manicure and the polish...
Thumb:I love Betsey nail ..I used China Galze's Liquid Leather & White on White. The Heart was painted using Pink Pearl by Entity. Index Finger: I used China Glaze's Liquid Leather on the nail plate and Classic Camel ( one of my new favorite colors)
for the heart. I used rhinestones on the heart as well ( B.J loves her bling). Middle Finger: I used China Glazes Liquid Leather and Pink Pearl by Entity for the Big Pink Lips. Ring Finger: I used Pink Pearl on the nail plate, black stripe rite and Spontaneous by China Glaze for the funky leopard print. I used Spontaneous again on the nail plate of the pinkie and the black Stripe Rite for the zebra printed nail.
..nail salon.