Dear Readers...

Dear Readers,

Lately it's been commented on that I have posted less often than I used to, as well as that I've posted a few press releases lately. I'll get to both of those points in this open letter, post, whatever you want to call it.

Lately it's become an epidemic of sorts on nail and beauty blogs (not just mine) where readers are expecting instant swatches, reviews, and essentially for us to inquire 'How high?' when asked by our readers to 'Jump!'. I can only speak for myself when I say this, but while blogging is a very important portion of my life, it is NOT my life. I have friends and loved ones, as well as other hobbies, responsibilities, desires, and jobs that comprise my life as well. While I do have ads, which generate minimal amounts of income (not even close to enough to cover costs of maintaining the blog, purchasing all my polishes and tools, etc), I DO NOT make money from this blog. It is NOT my job, nor do I wish for it to feel that way. I blog about nail art and nail polish because I enjoy it. It's something that I'm interested in and passionate about...but it's not the sole reason for my existence.

If you read my posts, I'm sure you've heard my mention of another job. THIS is why I haven't been posting as much as I used to. I now work approximately 65-70 hours a week. For instance, of the 48 hours that comprised Tuesday and Wednesday, over 30 of them were spent working. When one works from 8 am to 11, 11:30, 1 am, what have you, it doesn't leave much (or ANY) time for nail blogging on those days. I honestly have time to eat, sleep (about 5 hrs?), and shower before I have to leave again to head for work. After days like that, on the days where I have only my 8-5:30 hours, I come home and have little energy to devote to things I don't have time for on other days, things like laundry, housework, errands, and nail blogging. Truth be told- I put most of my free time and energy into blogging right now, leaving other things on the back burner. For those of you that have commented, emailed, etc., I hope you understand this, and cut me some slack, as I wish that I could post more often, but just can't.

In regards to my posting of press releases:

I, from time to time, and from certain companies, receive press releases on new products, new color collections, etc, and I WILL post them. This blog was designed not solely as a place for weird and quirky nail art, inspiration, and curiosity, but also as an information source. I LIKE being able to read about collections before they come out, so I can plan what I want to get, and allocate money in my budget to purchase those items. In response to comments pertaining to the desire to hear my thoughts on a collection instead of a cookie cutter press release, I can only say that that was my plan, but I post my comments about a collection when I actually swatch and review them, when I actually have them in my possession, which I don't when I post the press releases, hence the designation in the title of 'PREVIEW'.

I beg that you don't think of this as whining, it's a simple statement because I'm unable to respond to every email, comment, or tweet that I receive about the above topics. I LOVE you guys, I respect your comments, encourage them, etc., but wanted to make you aware of where I stand on the subject of my nail art blog. I will continue to post as often as I can, with designs to make you laugh, groan, think, or even smile, and hopefully you'll continue to stop by, enjoy, leave your comments, whatever you want to do here at 'The Daily Nail'. If you choose not to stay, I'm sad to lose your company and insight, but it's your prerogative, and I can't stop you from going.

I hope you understand!


(the weirdo redhead with the goofy nails)