Fetishes ?

So, this may be a random post...but recently more and more
Im realizing there is some rather .......... interesting material on 
youtube...to say the least.

Well, really Ive realized that there are so many fetishes in this
world that I just didnt even know about.
One is long toe nails, another is being scratched or watching
someone scratch skin or other surfaces & also
shoe play...which is where someone slowly removes or puts 
on their shoes and rubs their feet around a bit & they film it. 
There are tons of videos apparently on these things on youtube
as I keep getting messaged by people who enjoy those
sorts of things. 

Another thing is straight men wearing polish...usually
on their toe nails so noone can see. But its just purely for 
their own enjoyment.

I have gotten a few messages to my youtube
asking if I would 'scratch' them with my long nails. 

There are some interesting people in this world...

To each their own I suppose... 

Have you guys heard of these things ?