I broke a nail !

Heres what I do when that happens : 

I was cleaning and it somehow bent completely 
forward....it didnt snap off right away but 
after a while it started to tear at the line in which it bent. 
Then recently it just totally  came off : ( 
Ah, well no problem. This is a good time to show you what I do & how
I get it back long with no problems. 
This doesnt happen very often...
Maybe once every 9 - 12 months or something so
I thought I'd share this time ! 
The last time I broke a nail was the day before Halloween '09 
It seems to be a pattern with me and holidays...not that 
halloween is a holiday but you know what I mean...haha

P.S - OPI Nail Glue & Tips are great...really strong 
and it feels quite natural.