Need a place to rant

This post is a personal post / rant that you can totally pass over. I just need a place to rant and get all my thoughts, sorrow and anger out. You can call me childish and whatever but I honestly care so much and I just don't understand where they are coming from. :x

So right now I'm so angry and depressed because my boyfriend's going back to his country Bangladesh for a month with his family for family stuff there. The thing is that he has 2 small birds that he needs someone to take care of while he's away. The only person he trusts is me. And if they can't find anyone to take care of them, they have to let it go. [Long story short about my boyfriend and his birds, he used to have a bird that he loved so much and one day by accident it flew out from an open back door. His bird was his only friend when he was growing up because he and his family moved around a lot, so he barely ever had any friends. He was literally depressed after his bird was gone. After that he got 2 birds, one from his cousin and one his parents got for him which looks like his old bird that was gone. The beginning of high school wasn't easy for him, he knew he had his birds. He spent SO much time with them and loving them and he can't imagine without his birds]. Literally his heart would break if he ever lost his birds again. I feel like I let him down so much because I can't even do this for him. His parents even suggested asking if I could take care of them because I've met them before on his birthday and they think I'm responsible. It's the first time he introduced a girl to his parents and I'm Asian.

So I decided to ask my parents (I'm still a college student with a part time job just for experience and my parents pay for my school, etc) whether or not we can take care of the birds for a month. They thought about it for ONLY A MINUTE and my mom looks at my dad and nudges him and they say NO. Their "argument" ?? because birds "smell" and no pets allowed. OKAY, what about the FISH we have at home? ARE FISH NOT PETS? And we NEVER had birds in our house ever, so WHY do you assume that they SMELL? Their argument for the "smell" is that because my aunt upstairs has a puppy and there's a smell that we can smell from the connecting door entrance. My mom says that she's been to a PET STORE and that's where she knows they smell. OKAY, FISH FOOD SMELLS. EVERY TIME I OPEN THE FISH TANK, THERE'S A SMELL. and you want to know a heartless argument they had? PUT IT IN THE GARAGE. It's dark, cold and not to mention WINTER in NY.

You know what's even worse? I remember growing up young with fishes in our house and one time in 5th grade when my family (dad, mom, brother and I) were going to Florida, my mom asked my aunt who lives downstairs to take care of them for a week, just to come up and feed them daily. LIKE MY AUNT HAS A HEART TO HELP YOU TAKE CARE OF THE FISH instead of letting them die and yet you don't even have a heart to help someone else out. Seriously, I never thought my parents were so ignorant and heartless in my life. Call me selfish, call me childish, I don't care. Yes I do get things I want from my parents but I know that because my mom has a fear of dogs (long childhood thing where she always got bit by dogs in her country), I have to put my dream of having a puppy aside for now, because she doesn't like them. I just don't understand how my mom can ask someone to take care of our fish when she doesn't even care for them, my dad feeds them and the plants she buys, my dad takes care of them, but you don't have the heart to understand that the birds will be let go if they can't find someone. My bf can't trust one of his own cousin because his cousin scared one of the birds (that he now has) and it's not a nice bird... :( and I am honestly the only person he trusts. It just breaks my heart... :(

/end rant.