For the Misfits

We are all given the same amount of
time in a day.Its up to us what we 
become as a result of how we use this time.
Your own happiness is also up to you. 
Of course there may be people
in your community or family members around
you that drag you down or  just don't 
understand you. Maybe you don't
even have many friends...It doesn't matter.

In the are the only 
one that can control your life. If you really
want to go to a certain country or you
really want to have a certain career or dress 
a certain way...What is really stopping 
you except  money or worrying about 
what others think ? 

Money can come over time... and negative,
closed minded people don't matter. 
Concentrate on the fact that whatever it is 
that you yearn to a result of
completing it you will be matter
what it takes. 

Don't suppress something you want to do...
it will just be on your mind all the time...
If you feel you cant 100 % complete your least try somehow. 

For those obsessed with asia in some way 
or maybe with acting, gaming or 
anything considered of out of the ordinary...
The point is - you have passion.
Being obsessed with something means
you have passion and you aren't just a 
lifeless soul drifting through the day. 

There are many passion-less people out 
there  and most of the time they are the 
ones that try to drag people like you down. 
So, if there is anything you feel unresolved 
about, anything that you just wanna do
so bad...I hope that you complete it in 
2011...or at least make the first step to 
completing it. After-all, in the end, it's
all about taking those baby steps to a 
bigger goal.

Dont lose hope.
Do all you can do to make
your life the way you want it. 
We get so used to being a certain
way sometimes...and doing
'out of the ordinary' things 
require a strong burst of bravery. 

There is a way to do almost anything
in the world if you really want it badly
enough...and are willing to sacrifice
and work hard.  

Keep that passion and absolutely
always do what makes you happy
even if others come at you
with negativity ! On this road
to doing what you want...there
will be unhappy times.
But, remember that it will be worth 
it someday. 

I believe that we must create our
own destiny. 

"The only way to predict our 
future is to create it "