Good News, Goodies and Bare!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who supported me and my blog, especially from my rant in the previous post. I'd like to say that my bf's dad asked his tenant downstairs if they could take care of it and they were willing! So now he doesn't have to move it around and he thought about just giving me a key but then he knew that I would have to make too many trips a day to make sure they're okay. Although I wished my parents would've said yes, I'm glad I know that they will be taken care of rather than let go because I don't want to see my bf heartbroken. I saw his puffy eyes today, so I know that he cried yesterday because he was really upset. He, his parents and I were hoping my parents would agree..

But here's a picture he took today of his bird. The other bird is in the background and not shown because he isn't very friendly. But this gray one is so adorable and honestly, I don't like birds in general because of the pigeons in NYC (lol). The bird really changed my view on birds and I know that NOT all birds are like the pigeons here. He's so cute because every time you move a cloth, he would sing and he loves to look at socks! :P His eyes would focus on the sock and move around, so cute! And my bf says it's so weird because when he is about to open his house door downstairs, his bird already starts chipping and making noise because he knows its my bf coming home. His parents, him and I don't know how he knows but it's just amazing.

In lighter news, Amanda from Fiercely Fresh Fingertips sent me a surprise box of goodies because I sent her Revlon Perplex since she couldn't find it where she lives. Thank you Amanda and you REALLY didn't have to do that :) I loveeeeee it! ♥ I'm really happy that I've met so many wonderful bloggers here and everyone is definitely supportive and so friendly! I honestly have never been so happy writing a blog :)

 Forever 21 Love & Beauty Taupe
A beauuutiful heart ring [I'm wearing it now by the way because it's so cute!]
Bath & Body Works Vixen's Sweet Mint Anti-bacterial hand gel
China Glaze Fairy Dust (another lemming killed♥)

And my bare nails because I'm proud of my ring finger nail and my pinky nail because they've grown longer and they did not break like my other nails. This was taken a few days ago and right now it's a bit longer. :P (PSSSTTT I've been using Sally Hansen Maximum Growth [daily nail growth program]) hehe! :) The only thing that I don't like is the uneven alignment of my nails on my right hand haha. But I can't bear to cut or trim it down because it's so pretty hehe! 

hope you enjoyed and happy polishing! :)